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"It's one thing to think about yourself and say 'I know I'm special' but that doesn't always last.When life throws you stuff that isn't easy to deal with, you can [look at the ring and] remember, 'I'm solid, I'm good, I'm worthy.'"She and Levin, who began their product four years ago after her mother passed way, hope to start a movement by holding mass self-wedding events — their kits, they say, are a way for people to participate if they're unable to attend.Started by husband and wife team Jeffrey Levin, a Los Angeles-based jewelry designer, and Bonnie Powers, a design strategist, I Married Me encourages people to not wait for that boring old traditional love between two people but rather to find the love waiting for them (*points to chest*).But don't let the fact that Levin and Powers are married to each other, and not themselves, deter you.We're trying to remind people that they already have all that awesomeness inside," Powers says."This isn't about waiting for the right one, it's about being the right one."The ring, she says, is a daily reminder of your commitment to loving yourself.I still think that if you canvassed small-to-medium-sized towns especially in the South, you might do pretty darn well. I hope you think more highly of yourself than that. At least that's my game plan.*laughs* I'm only semi-serious.~Aurora Hey, cut the poor guy some slack he’s only venting his frustration at not finding what he’s searching for on this site. At least he’s coming up with creative ways to go about getting himself a date. If you don't like the responses you're getting or the lack of them maybe you should take your own advice and go out into "the real world". He said "go down the row" -- not people who can row. With the dial up Kentucky I think he meant the phone book, if not then sometimes a street is called a row.

It's kind of fun on one of those desperately boring evenings. Just save the marriage proposal til after her car needs washed again. Some women find blatant desperation fascinating as long as they see some legit. Those are the women that have a sense of humor which is very important in a relationship. Heck at least you know they want you unlike most American women."I read something the other day about how 'the best time to work on your marriage is before you get married,' Levin says."If you're more grounded and more mature about yourself and you see yourself with real vision, you're able to [give to] your partner in a more conscious way." While it's easy to make fun of this idea of having a self-wedding, it's also hard to argue with the fact that we can always use more encouragement in the self-love department.You're a real softy, and have compassion after all! Seems a shame one would even consider such a idea with so many single women here.(btw, I'll get back to you on the "For All You Nice Guys Out There" thread eventually.)LMAO rainy_day1975 Dear Goddess..to marry me? You would have to sign a pre nup because as a man I have a few redeeming qualities that I would like to preserve. It is very hard to find a real one these days without paying out alot of cash. Morals and values have declined with the advances women have mad after equal rights. It seems to me women are becoming to much like men...

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